Sunday, August 29, 2010

Views of George Mason University Academic and Other Non-dorm Buildings

Science and Technology Buildings II and II

Astronomy and Physic Building

Mason Pond Performing Arts Center
Johnson Center (main Student Union Building)

Art and Design Building

Volgenau Information Science Building

College Hall

Pilot House (all night pizza parlor)

Krug Hall
Bull Run Hall
National Biomedical Research Institute
Enterprise Hall
Nygun Engineering Building

New Data Processing Building
Mason Hall
Student Union Building I (older Student Union building)

Student Union Building II (another older student union building)
Research I Building

RAC Building Student Recreation Building

Aquatic Building

Laski Performing Arts Center

Harris Theater Building
The Patriot Center on George Mason's Campus - where its basketball team (which went to the Final Four of the NCAA basketball tournament two years ago) plays and which is the second largest sports and concert arena in the Washington, DC area. This year, the Washington Wizards basketball team held their training camp at the Patriot Center
View of one of the entrances to the Patriot Center
Mason Inn and Conference Center